PR Pros Provide the Secret Rendezvous at PFW

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High Fashion, creativity and the diamond robbery of Kim Kardashian are the first words that pop up when describing Paris Fashion Week Summer-Spring 2017.  This experience was way better than I could have ever imagined. Wow, it was so eventful!

Paris Fashion Week is the last debut out of the “Big 4” world capitals of fashion (New York, London, Milan and Paris, always in this order, twice a year). I’m glad that in such an early stage of my blog, I had the opportunity to attend two of the most influential ones. Yes, New York and Paris.

Both very different and significant when it comes to trendsetting. I would describe Paris Fashion Week as more “exclusive” and “secretive” than New York. In Paris they don’t publish the venue of the show online, which was a shock to me. This helps control “unwanted crowd” outside, I would say. In order to attend, you must provide a Paris address to the agency. That way you can receive a hard copy invitation and finally see the location. If you have a constant communication with the PR firm, they will confirm the location beforehand. I must say most invites are super pretty. I did save a few!

Unlike Paris, all New York invitations are delivered through an app called GPS Radar. Through this app you receive the barcode, allowing you to scan it at the location. The good thing about the app is that it manages your schedule. No need to go crazy figuring out each location, it’s all managed and saved there.

When it comes to street style it’s hard to distinguish who is going to Paris Fashion Week and who is not. The streets are seriously real runways. I was so impressed! Similar to Paris fashionistas, people in New York are not afraid to showcase their personality through their clothes. Fashionistas embrace different colors, patterns, styles and textures. It’s definitely my favorite form of art!

New York Fashion Week’s runway shows are characterized of being sporty, casual and commercial. They are meant to be ready to jump directly from the runway into your closet. If only I could do that! Paris is more couture. That’s why it’s been dubbed the leader of them all. Designers aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries and impressing the audience by creating the unexpected. I had multiple “ahh” moments while there.

Both fashion weeks are a “must-attend” if you have a passion for fashion. Attending the shows allows you to view the industry in a totally different way. It’s the place to be to catch up on all new trends and network with industry professionals. More to come about Paris Fashion Week at Stay tuned!