PR Pros Provide the Secret Rendezvous at PFW

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High Fashion, creativity and the diamond robbery of Kim Kardashian are the first words that pop up when describing Paris Fashion Week Summer-Spring 2017.  This experience was way better than I could have ever imagined. Wow, it was so eventful!

Paris Fashion Week is the last debut out of the “Big 4” world capitals of fashion (New York, London, Milan and Paris, always in this order, twice a year). I’m glad that in such an early stage of my blog, I had the opportunity to attend two of the most influential ones. Yes, New York and Paris.

Both very different and significant when it comes to trendsetting. I would describe Paris Fashion Week as more “exclusive” and “secretive” than New York. In Paris they don’t publish the venue of the show online, which was a shock to me. This helps control “unwanted crowd” outside, I would say. In order to attend, you must provide a Paris address to the agency. That way you can receive a hard copy invitation and finally see the location. If you have a constant communication with the PR firm, they will confirm the location beforehand. I must say most invites are super pretty. I did save a few!

Unlike Paris, all New York invitations are delivered through an app called GPS Radar. Through this app you receive the barcode, allowing you to scan it at the location. The good thing about the app is that it manages your schedule. No need to go crazy figuring out each location, it’s all managed and saved there.

When it comes to street style it’s hard to distinguish who is going to Paris Fashion Week and who is not. The streets are seriously real runways. I was so impressed! Similar to Paris fashionistas, people in New York are not afraid to showcase their personality through their clothes. Fashionistas embrace different colors, patterns, styles and textures. It’s definitely my favorite form of art!

New York Fashion Week’s runway shows are characterized of being sporty, casual and commercial. They are meant to be ready to jump directly from the runway into your closet. If only I could do that! Paris is more couture. That’s why it’s been dubbed the leader of them all. Designers aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries and impressing the audience by creating the unexpected. I had multiple “ahh” moments while there.

Both fashion weeks are a “must-attend” if you have a passion for fashion. Attending the shows allows you to view the industry in a totally different way. It’s the place to be to catch up on all new trends and network with industry professionals. More to come about Paris Fashion Week at Stay tuned!

A Blogger in a PR World: Paris Fashion Week

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Excited to be at Paris Fashion Week 2017 for the first time! It’s definitely a dream come true. If you would have told me last year, when I started my blog, that I was going to attend Paris Fashion Week now, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s definitely a milestone in my blog journey. Those of you who know the fashion industry know how “exclusive” it can be. Yup, here I am!

After many people asking me how I am able to attend New York Fashion Week and now Paris Fashion Week, I started realizing that working in public relations has helped me achieve most of my blog goals. Why is that? I get to see both sides of the industry. At Press Marketing, I get to connect with bloggers, invite them to client events and handle most logistics. As a blogger, I have to be connected with PR firms. That’s how I am going to grow my blog and make it interesting. PR firms have to become my “best friends.” Once I am in their system, I will know what’s happening around me.

My PR background has allowed me, as a blogger, to network and build good relationships with people/brands. It has opened me doors to multiple experiences I have never thought of. PR firms are your day-to-day contacts. They help you gain exposure and work with brands, which is the goal of every blogger. I have to say: I am glad both of my passions complement each other. I get to see the good and the bad. Plus, I can appreciate more the connections I make.

Because I am not afraid to expose myself and speak/email people, I have landed where I am. It’s all about connecting with the right people. Thankfully I get to experience both sides and I am able to understand the business. Instead of pitching my client to the media, I apply those skills to pitch myself to a PR firm. Instead of making my client relevant, I make my blog relevant. Same thing. PR is definitely the best job for a blogger. What do you think? Make sure to check back for more updates about Paris Fashion Week at or follow along at

Lucielle Salomon

Press Marketing | Account Coordinator

Fifty Shades of PR

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Unless you are a groundhog and only come out once a year, you’ve heard of Fifty Shades of Grey. As I was eating my favorite Yoplait yogurt…Strawberry Mist Whips in case you were curious…and researching hot topics to write about, I came across reviews about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I found something interesting. Even though it was dubbed the worst movie ever by the majority of moviegoers, it still remains number one or two at the box office. How can that be? It’s called PR and Marketing. Here are some of their tactics that worked.

  1. Selecting The Perfect Brand Ambassador: Universal Pictures brilliantly partnered with one of the hottest musicians of all time, Beyonce, to remix her “Crazy in Love” song for the Fifty Shades of Grey sound track, which went viral seconds after the release. The remix created more buzz and chatter about the movie. Smart move on their part, who doesn’t love Bey?
  2. Create Interactive Experiences: Universal Pictures jumped on the interactive experience bandwagon and created the Grey Enterprises Holdings internship via phone app. The internship allows “interns” to have a real life experience working for Mr. Grey by completing assignments and earning badges to unlock exclusive information about the movie.
  3. Keep Your Customers Wanting More: Several months before the movie premier, Universal Pictures released a few two-second clips that had your mouth to the floor (in a good way) which then led up to the exclusive steamy trailer that was released online. It went viral within hours of its premier. The trailer released enough to peak your interest without giving away too much.

Even though there are mixed reviews about the movie itself, you can’t help but applaud their PR and marketing efforts. Always, keep your customers interested, create an interactive experience and selective the perfect brand ambassador for your brand.

Ask for Forgiveness, not Permission

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When I hear the widely popular Blurred Lines song, I think of cowbell, high octave whispers, controversial lyrics and the Jimmy Fallon rendition with children’s kazoos and toy xylophones. Hate the lyrics, love the beat-whatever you prefer, I still like cranking it up on the radio when it plays. It’s catchy, addicting and cutting edge-or is it?

This week, jurors found singer-songwriters Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke guilty of music infringement and ordered a lawsuit settlement of $7.4 million to Marvin Gaye’s offspring. Why? The basis is that “Blurred Lines” ripped off the 1977 highly successful Marvin Gaye classic “Got to Give it Up” without permission.

If you have ever heard the Marvin Gaye song, you don’t have to have an outstanding ear for music to hear the similarities. While driving in my car one day cruising to the 70s and 80s station, I was about to sing the “Blurred Lines” lyrics when all of a sudden I noticed it wasn’t Robin Thicke – it was Marvin Gaye! I thought nothing about it since I believed it was common for musicians to collaborate with other artists and labels -so that was that.

While researching about other songs and artist rip-offs, I discovered there were several under the table lawsuits, accusations and controversies on popular classic songs. Growing up in the 80s, Madonna was HUGE and who didn’t like her classic “Express Yourself”? Empowering girls and women to not go for “second best”-yes please! Several years later, Lady Gaga came out with “Born this Way”-right away I heard the rip off and couldn’t believe it! Madonna has since acknowledged and commented on the rip-off but no lawsuit has been filed.

Here are the most popular songs that have either been rip-offed or settled out of court. See if you can hear the similarities: 

Ray Parker, Jr. “Ghostbusters” versus Huey Lewis and the News “I Want a New Drug”

The Rolling Stones “The Last Time” versus The Verve “Bitter Sweet Symphony “

Killing Joke “Eighties” versus Nirvana “Come As You Are”

Chuck Berry “Little Sixteen” versus Beach Boys “Surfin’ USA”

ABBA “Dancing Queen” versus Shania Twain “C’est la Vie”

Tom Petty “ Mary Jane’s Last Dance” versus Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dani California”

The Beatles “Lady Madonna” versus Sublime” What I Got”

Beyonce“Halo” versus Kelly Clarkson “ Already Gone”

Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” versus David Bowie “Under Pressure”

Do you think it’s ethical to take chords or lyrics from another artist or do you think it’s a compliment or nod to the artist? In the PR/marketing world, we call it plagiarism, which is never acceptable. In this case, ask for forgiveness, not permission didn’t work out too well for the Williams/Thicke duo.

Five Secrets to use LinkedIn Effectively!

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We all know the importance of social media to stay connected. Facebook keeps you connected with friends (and people you met once), Twitter keeps you in the loop of the latest news and trends, Pinterest gives you crafts and wedding ideas and Instagram allows you to show the world what you have been up to through photos. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the most important social media account one can have.

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site. It allows you to connect and network with past, current and future employers and keep in touch in a professional way with colleagues. After I graduated from grad school, it became clear that it is not really about what you know, but it is about who you know. And there’s no better tool to connect and network than LinkedIn!

LinkedIn offers many different tools that most people don’t even know exist. Here are a few secrets to help you connect with other professionals on LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn Mobile: Use the app to add new contacts on the go. Skip the business card exchange, never forget someone’s last name and have new messages alerts and responses faster than ever!
  2. SlideShare: It allows users to easily upload and share infographics, presentations, videos, documents and webinars. Why not combine the world’s largest presentation community with the world’s largest professional networking site?
  3. FiveHundredPlus: The app helps you stay organized and keeps tracks who and when you need to contact a colleague. Life is hectic and this tool is perfect to keep you on track and make you seem organized!
  4. Evernote: It is an online workspace that allows individuals to do a variety of tasks including taking notes, project management, information collection collaboration and more from your phone, tablet and/or computer. Use this tool to add personal reminders/information (only seen by you) to help you remember important details about your contacts.
  5. Newsle: It sends you updates whenever a contact in your social network is mentioned in a news article. You may not have time to check on your contacts regularly, but Newsle will check on them for you!

Networking is important and I owe a few of my professors an apology because they were right, who you know is often more important that your skills and knowledge. Now what are you waiting for? Sign up or go to your LinkedIn account and get to work!